The biggest gift you can give is your time. And today on my birthday, I want to say thank you for giving me the gift of your time by visiting my new site, celebrating with me, reading and sharing our collective thoughts and ideas and most importantly by spreading love.

Ideas are powerful.  You and I are powerful beyond our own understanding. I am continuously humbled by the collective human spirit and potential – the magnificence and vast grandeur of God. When I initially sat to ponder ideas of what I wanted to share or “blog” about, I literally felt overwhelmed. Not by the task at hand, and most certainly not because I think I am an amazing writer (disclaimer:), but instead overwhelmed with gratitude. I am grateful for so much in my life. There is so much for us to talk about, so much to grow from, so much to reflect on. And then it came to me. It was the very essence of all of those feelings. Nothing makes me happier than to discover new ways of thinking, perceiving, loving, learning but most importantly to discover, test, adapt and implement a new wisdom.  Doing so usually sparks a very exciting inner dialogue (at least for me) that inevitably makes me smile, forgive, love deeper and sets me off on a journey of self discovery.

March (because of my birthday) is usually a very pensive, reflective month for me.  You probably won’t believe this but I consider myself a late bloomer. I come from a family of late bloomers, a Colombian immigrant family who migrated to the United States and faced a lot of adversity, struggle and obstacles. Ever since I was  little girl until this very moment I remember and consider my family’s constant fight for our slice of the American dream. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the tenacity of  my hardworking parents, and most notably, later (after divorce), my hard working single mother. It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by what and how they chose to remember about their past. Yes, there were moments of despair, helplessness, fear and sadness but there was also happiness. A lot of it.


I could not imagine a life without the pitfalls, where we could not continuously rediscover our undying spirit, the excitement that the pursuit of happiness brings, and the beauty of  humanity— yes, even with all of it’s flaws.


Even in this moment (I am writing on the beach, in Malibu, CA) the sound of the ocean waves take on a new melody in my heart and it propels a new feeling of love and gratitude. There is always discovery, there is always a new way to see and experience things, we just have to be open to see and hear clearly. You see, the darkest moments in life are what make the light (when we can see it again, because it’s always there) shine brighter.

There are new beginnings in all of our lives, all the time, personally, professionally and spiritually. I believe inspiration from others comes to us in the form of their personal truth, we are intuitive beings and are great at deciphering  when someone is sharing genuinely.  My aim is to share- to give and to also receive from you. So that in the process we can spark a place deep within each other that will lead to a life changing thought/action or a simple reminder of and idea we might want to revisit.

Starting something new in any of the facets we discussed above can bring feelings of fear. Fear of failure, rejection and inadequacy. Even as I write this, I have feeling’s of inadequacy pop up in my mind, because I think “ I am not a writer”.  But I will continue because it is in my heart and it is my desire to do so. I mean let’s face it, haven’t we all had these “feelings” in the past? Haven’t we all experienced the debilitating quality of fear?  But yet, here I am, writing. And there you are contemplating giving your “desire” another chance. Here you and I are thinking of the magic of a new beginning, and doesn’t it feel good?!

That is God whispering and pushing us into our biggest potential. Do you understand that God won’t take us somewhere He can’t sustain us? It is He that propelled me to write this to you, through the desire He placed in me. I have recently learned and have adapted  the idea that  all we are,  you and I are, is Desire. (The Power of Kabbalah, Yeduda Berg).  I think we all instinctively know this, but don’t feel adequate or powerful  enough to aim at reaching our heart’s desires. My belief is that our desires, which is our basic makeup is our own built -in navigation system to our life journey. Therefore, it would be a major disservice to not aim for the achievement of it.


Failure is inevitable, there is no way around it or any comfortable way to navigate in it.  We must become very comfortable in being uncomfortable, cliche, I know, but a valuable truth. I have failed many times, miserably,  in my work as an actress, but I’ve also tasted the sweetness of success. There are extreme high’s and lows to balance and yet there is so much for me to learn still, so much terrain for me to cover but those lessons and celebrations can’t come until I master and appreciate the present moment.  The silver lining in failure is in the trust and confidence that starts to compound.  The understanding of “self” is the silver lining, being sharpened and prepared for life’s next battle is a victory.  In trusting the “magic” of new beginnings we must also accept and respect failure just as valiantly.

I pray that whatever journey, new beginning you embark on, is filled with your innate magic. This magic is yours, you don’t have to work for it. It’s there, trust it and own it. I have started something new with you today. You are my family, my friends, my team my supporters. I feel blessed for this platform, to have you to help sharpen me and make me better.

In closing I want to say that my family’s perseverance, hard work, discipline and sheer determination for the desire to succeed and impart the value of self worth and love into me has not and will not ever go unnoticed or forgotten. Thank you God,  Daddy, Mami, Steven and Marcella for being a limitless source of eternal love and light.

Our collective desires are our unique blend of gifts to this world and furthermore our legacy.

Your individual desires were God ordained. The ONLY way we fail is when we are not obedient to what has been planted in YOU specifically by the most-high to use for a greater good. You are inspired journey and limitless divinity in motion.

With deep appreciation and love,


“What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi

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